Sunday, January 29, 2012


January 29, 2012.  I like how the lines of the pavers and the round nuts of the acorn play off each other, bisected by twigs creating corrals of nuts and caps and errant leaf scraps.  By some chance the tarnished rock in the left corner invites the acorns to inhabit the space around it, warmed by the color, contrasting itself to the other rocks.  It seems to signal that there is a way out of the confinement.


January 28, 2012.  Three discs on a gray expanse.  I am refelcted in the silvery surface, glowing with the rainbow colors.  The roadway is now more than what it is, it has become the matter between stars, the connection from one system to another, my pathway.


January 26, 2012.  Dirt and frost.  A chilly morning walk and in exactly 3 places I found these isolated patches of frost.  I wondered about it, what could explain that particular spot and the events that brought this out.  And then I looked at the lines, tracks dragging through the icy surface, not substantial enough to deflect the breaking of the surface to reveal the moist cold mud beneath.  The criss-cross of the tire tracks was testament to coming and going, even at this early hour.  If I were a tracker, I would love mud, and frost.


January 21, 2012.  It took the first snow of the season to make me see this - how easily an early designer could develop a lattice pattern.  The white powder overlaying the deep green on a background of white snow, has probably caught observers eyes for as long as we could see and think about what we saw.  There are so many times when I don't see because I think I am just too busy.

And how could an image like this not have inspired weavers and painters alike?  Fine, tiny branches carrying little circles of surprises up to the sky.  The sky itself was so gray, holding the sun at bay, and the branches were so dark against it.  My mind wove the fabric and colored it as I set out on my walk.


January 16, 2012.  It must have been an early impulse for humans to draw, to use simple lines to enhance what was partially visible in the cracks on a rock wall.  From cave drawings to subway drawings, working with a surface that is rough and already pocked with its own marks, the artist gives more solid lines to a vision, a recording.  I can see this square jawed, stocky man waiting for a subway.  I can connect with him and what he thinks and how he uses this thing to move around his world.  I can see myself.


January 13, 2012.  We were here, all of us, together, apart, overlapping and singular.  I wonder if you felt lost, ignored or lonely.  Or did you feel exuberant and simply want to leave your mark on the world, somewhere, so that years later you could show this to loved ones, like a heart carved in a tree, and remember what it felt like to be at that spot, in that moment, with that person - or without?


December 21. 2011.  A singular morning in December in the land where I was born.  The trees in the distance were enveloped in frost, glistening as the sun considered its rising.  No snow graced us or the land, but this stunning steel blue sky with the shimmering white was captivating.  What else to do, but look and wonder how long it could remain, because surely it had vanished as the day wore on.